Friday, November 25, 2016

Must Know Tips For Choosing The Right Dog

Although dogs are considered to be man's best friend, it is always better if you choose your friends wisely. Before you go ahead and get yourself a dog, you need to know how a dog will change your life.
A dog will take up a lot of your time and energy with play, exercise, grooming and feeding. Almost every dog is social and wants to spend time with its master.
Thus, you and your dog need to be a perfect match. It is very important to choose the correct dog. Let us tell you about some tips and points to consider for choosing the right dog. Here are just a few tips for more tips please visit us are

Some Basic Points to Consider

Here are some basic points to consider before you choose a dog:

Children in Your Family - If you have children in your family, you will need a dog with an even temperament, playful nature and naturally good with your kids. If you choose a notoriously aggressive dog, it could lead to a big disaster.
Space in Your Home - Space required by your dog will depend on its activity level and exercise needs. On one hand, a large and energetic dog will definitely need a good-sized yard to exercise properly. On the other hand, a small dog will be easy to keep in an apartment or condo.
Energy and Activity Levels - Some dogs are more social than others. A dog's energy and activity level should match yours. You need to consider whether you will have time to take your dog to the park and play frisbee or go for a run when your dog needs to relieve itself.
Some dogs are very active, while others just stay quiet and dozed away on your couch. If you choose the wrong breed, it can be frustrating for you and your dog.
Grooming Requirements - If you choose a long-haired dog, it will require daily brushing. In fact, you may even have to take it to a dog-grooming salon on a regular basis. You need to consider whether you will have the time and budget to groom your dog.

Effective Tips for Choosing the Right Dog

Some tips for choosing the correct dog are as follows:

Choose A Size Wisely - It is important to understand that one size does not fit all. Most people think that small dogs are
perfect in apartments and condos. But this is not always true. Every dog needs daily exercise. Some dogs need more exercise than others.
For instance, oversized Newfoundland's prefer leisurely walks and lounging around home. However, tiny terriers are quite active and need lots of exercise on a daily basis. Therefore, you should not just choose a dog on the basis of its size, but also gather information about the activity level of the particular breed.
Choice between Puppy and Mature Dogs - Every puppy looks adorable. However, you need to understand additional responsibility that comes with cuteness. Puppies always require more attention and time for behavior training and house training.
At times, this requires you to patiently tolerate chewing phases and accidents. Thus, if you don't have time to train a puppy or fulfill its expectations, try to adopt an older dog.
Choice between Pure Breeds and Mixed Breeds - Many people prefer purebred dogs because of their specific characteristics. Others prefer mixed breeds as they may be one-of-a-kind'. Whatever breed you choose, it is important to consider other needs and requirements of a dog.
If you are able to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment to a dog, it will become a long-term companion. You won't even notice which breed you bought or adopted.

Other Important Considerations while Choosing a Dog

There are also some other important things you need to consider while choosing a dog. These are as follows:

Veterinary Treatment - If your dog gets ill, you will have to take it to a veterinarian. Veterinary treatment can be quite expensive. You will also have to consider the cost of pet insurance. You should make sure you can manage veterinary expenses.
Legal Requirements - Some dogs like pit bulls need to fulfill some legal requirements like a dog collar. They also need a tag containing the owner's name and physical address. In addition to this, you may also want to consider micro chipping for identification.
Exercise Routines - As mentioned earlier, every dog needs regular exercise. Therefore, you should choose a dog which suits your lifestyle. You will have to devote your time and energy to your dog like a family member.
Training - Some dogs can be easily trained while others take time. If you don't have much time to train your dog, you will have to hire a dog trainer. However, training your dog yourself helps in strengthening the bond between both parties. If you don't want much hassles related to training, choose a dog that can be easily trained or adopt an older dog.
For choosing the right dog, you need to carefully and extensively research about the breeds you prefer. Once you have researched and feel good about the time, energy and money that will be required to take care of your new family member, you will be able to maximize the pleasure of bringing a dog home.
You absolutely owe it to your dog and your family to do the research needed prior to purchasing or adopting your new pet to make sure it is a pleasant experience for both.